Getting to know me...

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I work with clients, large and small, to help them implement technology solutions to solve every day business needs while providing a foundation for future growth and development.

Change is constant. It’s my job to help businesses navigate the technology choices they face and help improve business operations through increased visibility and performance.

The best way to describe my role is as a Technology Mentor. I bring over 20 years of experience in technology to your team and can both guide decisions and help with implementation.

In order to remain focused I limit my client portfolio to a small number. This gives me the time to focus on my clients needs as well as afford me the time to keep up with changes so I can apply those to your specific needs.

If you are interested in hearing what I can do for you, please feel free to reach out. I am happy to chat over a coffee or visit your team in person. I encourage you to read some of my posts as well. They will give you an idea of what interests me and point out trends in technology you should be looking at implementing.

As part of my ongoing education, I chose to build this site using some of the most prevalent new technologies available. This site was built using Greg Lobinski’s Gatsby Starter Personal Blog.

I use Netlify to build and deploy the site and use photos from

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