I build things...

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I help businesses building web and mobile applications design and implement the infrastructure they need to support their applications. I have experience working with cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean and others. I focus on the elements of infrastructure design your developers don’t: security, backup, scaling, disaster recovery and compliance.

A modern technology stack implements code as infrastructure, is automated and repeatable.


I would work with your developers and integrate myself into their development process. I would help guide decisions that have a direct impact on infrastructure requirements. Together we would develop workflows to get applications from idea, through the review process and finally into production by building Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines.


Ok, you have your application built and the deployment processes nailed down, what’s next? Monitoring and scaling the application and ensuring availability. Ensuring you are able to respond quickly to events and understanding your environment is critical to providing responsive support and troubleshooting.

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